Friday, May 2, 2014

Play time, more Life Bar and Lowes

Our lunch date at Whole Foods on this Friday!

Although is was kind of gloomy and chilly today, it didn’t stop Mia from playing outside!

Poor girl can’t play without her protector watching closely.  If Sam lost sight of her, she would start whining and freaking out until she saw her again!  She has an electric collar and can’t go very far outside of the garage, in front. Although, I have NO doubt that if Mia was in trouble, she would run through it.  LOVE IT!

After play time, we needed to run to Lowes and we decided to get us and the girls a juice from Life Bar!  Super healthy and Mia thought is was a “milk shake!”  ;)  Sneaky mommy!


Loving it…

Lowes is always fun when you drive a car…

I am so thankful for every single day, moment, with my people.  I will never take it for granted.  Love them so, so HARD!

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