Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 1 of hospital stay

Today was the day we started chemo.  The plan as of right now will be a 5 day inpatient hospital stay (with 5 straight days of continuously infusing chemo), then off for two weeks, and then back in the hospital for 5 days, etc.  Originally the plan was to do that process for the next year, but now Dr. Williams (the oncologist) is saying it all just depends on how the tumor responds to the treatment.  As of right now, he will do 2 rounds of 5 days, and then we will rescan his arm to see how it is responding to treatment.  If it is responding well, we will continue with chemo until it reaches a certain point (not quite sure what, but whenever the doctor feels it’s right!).  If it is not responding as well as they would like, they will go ahead with surgery, and then follow up with chemo.  As of right now, the doctors are hopeful that we can save his arm, but are very up front with us in saying that amputation is a possibility.  We are trying to prepare for the worst.
Any way, this morning on our way to the hospital, Dr. Williams called to let us know there was not a room quite ready for us and we could go eat breakfast!  So we had a little breakfast date at Wild Eggs!

Yummy breakfast, complete with a mimosa for me ;)

Once we were admitted, they accessed his port and started fluids for prehydration.
And it wouldn’t be typical Dave and Lauren without hospital room selfies :) HA

Love my guy and his ability to make me smile and laugh and be funny, despite the major storm we are in!

We had to sneak outside for a few minutes before they hooked him up to his chemo.  Once the chemo starts, he can’t go outside for 5 straight days.  He can’t even leave his little unit :(  And everyone who knows my outdoors loving ADD husband knows that is a bad set up.

A little Jimmy Johns dinner date in our hospital room.  Any thing, any where, any time with you babe…

They started the chemo around 10 tonight.  So far so good.
I am so thankful for my cousin Tina and her family and my parents and brother.  They are selflessly adjusting their schedules around so that they can keep our girls so that I can stay with my husband.  I hate inconveniencing others and I miss my girls terribly, but right now, I just need to stay with my love.

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