Thursday, May 29, 2014

And so it begins…

Tuesday and Wednesday we just relaxed at home and enjoyed our time.  This morning?  Dave woke up and said he was cold.  This man is NEVER cold.  He also complained about being a little achy. So we took his temperature and it was 100.0.  I texted his oncologist and they called me back and said that he needed to come in for blood work and some antibiotics.  Of course, today was the day for the home inspection (have I mentioned that we sold our house in the midst of all this?) so we had to have my parents adjust their schedules a little bit so that we could go to the dr.  Dad stayed with the inspectors at the house, and mom took the girls.  Have I mentioned how thankful I am for them??
I had given Dave some Motrin earlier this morning (after the temp) and he started feeling better.  He actually didn’t even want to go the dr because he was feeling much better.  However, my proactive, nurse self, wasn’t gonna let that happen.  I thought for sure he either had a reaction to the Neulasta (a vaccine to boost his WBC count) vaccine or we were just going to get a couple of rounds of antibiotics and come home. 
We got to the doctor and the Dave’s temperature was 98.2.  We went back to the room, the nurse flushed his port, drew some labs and blood cultures.  Dave got up to go to the bathroom and he came back and was shaking.  It started like a freezing cold shiver but within minutes he was in full body rigors (extreme shakes, all over.).  His muscles were cramping up and it looked like a conscious seizure, to me, because of how bad he was shaking.  He couldn’t even breathe.  His lips and tongue were turning white, almost a bluish.  He couldn’t calm himself down enough to breathe.
I yell for the nurse and within minutes he was on oxygen (via nasal cannula. 3 liters.), had been given Ativan, Demerol and Phenergan.  Shortly after all of that, the rigors stopped and he was passed out.  He is a total light weight with drugs. HA!  I was just thankful he was able to relax and breathe.  I’ve never been so scared in my life.  I felt so helpless because I couldn’t help him.  It broke my heart.
With all of that being said, he earned himself a hospital stay. His blood work came back and his WBC count was ZERO!  No wonder he is sick!  His poor body can’t fight anything.
We had a pretty terrible night, battling a fever and his full body aches and chills.  Finally, after hours of meds and ice packs, his fever came down and he was able to sleep.
His cultures came back positive for gram negative rods (they are suspecting E.Coli) and he is septic.  Dr. Williams told us it was a good thing we didn’t wait even 8 more hours, because he could have died.
This is some scary stuff, people.  Finally, for once, my paranoia has paid off.
He is on 2 different IV antibiotics now and we will hopefully be on the up hill swing of things.  The plan is to go home Monday.
Please pray for his body, recovery and for the antibiotics to kick this infection.

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