Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday fun

Since daddy has been working every other Saturday, we are cherishing our two day weekends with him.  So today we spent the whole day hanging out together!  We started off with lunch, followed up by the mall.  Mia got some “Wreck it Ralph” hands and some summer clothes, mommy got a couple of shirts, daddy got some shirts and both girls got their matching swimsuits that I had been eyeing for MONTHS!!


After one mall, we ran to get mommy’s car washed!  It totally looked like I lived in it!!

We then went to the other mall, about a mile down, to walk around and get some soft pretzels with a strawberry lemonade (mommy’s fave!)

Little diva with her new shades on…

We headed home for some rest time, then went to dinner at a local sushi place!  It was a great day and such a treat to have daddy all day!

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