Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And another appointment

Today we had Mia’s endocrinology appointment.  I would have never scheduled these tough appointments (her 4 year old check and her endo appt.) back to back, but unfortunately this day was the only day they had, and Mia needed a new thyroid prescription. 
Therefore, another doctor visit for her.  She did so well allowing them to check her out, but when we got to the lab for them to draw her blood, she immediately lost it.  She knew what was coming and it’s just not fair.  I hate it for her, especially since she just got 4 shots the day before :(
We even offered her a special treat of her pick and she clearly said “I not WANT a treat!!”


Poor baby…

She hated the “ribbon” aka tourniquet they put on her.  I hate that she has to go through this every 6 months, but it could totally be WAY worse.  I am just thankful she is healthy and PERFECT!  And, her labs came back perfect!
After that, we got lunch and daddy bought Mia a chocolate chip cookie!  She was in heaven and forgot all about that mean blood draw.  The girls and I went home for rest time while daddy went to work and then went to church to finish our evening.
Mia loves her AWANA class, so her day did get better :)

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