Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ballpark, doctor and a play date

Yesterday one of the sweet high school girls from church asked me if I would come to watch her softball game.  The weather was great and being that I used to love playing softball, of course I went!  I was such a good game and those girls are really good!  Being that I went to a public school and this game was with Christian/private schools,there were a few things I was used to.  First, the fans of both teams sat on a little set of bleachers, together.  That was unheard of where I went.  Competition was a huge part of it when I played, even between the parents.  The other thing I LOVED, after the game, all of the girls, from both teams, together formed a circle, in the middle of the field, hand in hand and PRAYED!!  I thought that was so awesome, because win or lose, we are all still children of God and can all still get along and love each other despite our differences.


Take me out to the ball game…

Uncle B went with us and entertained Mia on the playground during the game!

This morning I started off with an ultrasound and x-ray of my kidneys to check on the stones. 

I then had to go straight to the urologist to see what the next plan of action was.  He said it appeared that I still had one stone, but since my symptoms have gotten better, it could also just be a calcification.  So we are going to check back with another US and x-ray in a month.  If my symptoms come back, we will go in and remove the stone, if not, we will just wait and watch.

After the appointment, my friend Aubrey needed me to keep her sweet little Gracie for a little bit while she worked.  I loved it because Gracie is such a sweet and super cuddly little thing.  Something I am totally not used to considering Mia was NEVER a cuddler!  We came home for a little bit, fed Gracie and Finley, put Gracie down for a nap and got Mia ready for our play date with Lori, Brinlee and Nadia.


After nap we met up with some fave girls for lunch and park play time!

I mean will you just look at those cheeks?!  And eyes and lips!!! So cute!

At the park with Brinlee and Nadia!


On the ride home I told Mia we were going to go home and take a nap/have quiet time.  She said “I don’t WANT to take a nap!  I’m NOT TIRED!!”
You’re right girlfriend, you are NOT tired.

Once we were up and in a better mood, Mia played with Sam and Finley played in her bumbo!

How cute is this baby???
And why on earth is she so big already?!

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