Saturday, April 27, 2013

Future first boyfriend

To my sweet, precious girls,

One day will come when you get your first boyfriend.  The one who you swoon over.  The one who is SO cute and so smart and popular and oh so perfect!  The day will come when all of the “I love you momma” goes to “I love so and so.”  You will want to be with him every.waking.second and it will break your momma’s heart, just like I did my momma.  And although I would keep you all to myself for your whole entire life, such is life, and you will fall in love.


You are absolutely PERFECT in my eyes.  Please don’t sell yourself short.  Hold you standards high.  Be the girl who is so in love with Jesus that the boy has to seek Him in order to find you.  Respect yourself and he will respect you.  Save yourself, for marriage.  It is a command from God, and I promise it will be worth it.  Spend time with him, but don’t forget your family and friends.  Don’t be alone with him or put yourself in any situation where you would feel tempted to do something you know in your heart is wrong.  Dress classy, not trashy.  Take him to church with you.  Pray together.  Be kind to his family and friends.  God and school comes first.  If he is a respectable young man, he will understand and wait for you.  Don’t go for looks alone, those change and fade.  Give grace.  Love like Jesus does.


These all sound like things I would tell you of the man you were going to marry, and that is exactly why I am saying this.  Your daddy was my first real boyfriend and I was head over heels for him and knew I wanted to be with him, all of the time, forever. Do you think my mom and dad thought I would marry my boyfriend I had at 15?!

This seems like serious business, because it is.  Of course I want you to have fun and enjoy the process, but always remember, this could be your future husband.  If you don’t see it going there, move on.  Don’t waste your time.  Find you, first.

You girls are so incredibly loved.  I only want the very very best for you, and I expect nothing less from the man you may potentially marry.
I love you so much it hurts.
Only God could love you more.

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Jillian said...

What a sweet post!! And so important