Thursday, April 25, 2013

Her sweet spirit and sayings

Lately I have been extra curious about how Mia interacts with her peers in school and how she behaves while in school.  I know how she acts with her girlfriends, but I have witnessed on 3 separate occasions her being ahem, a little aggressive, ahem toward others.  Twice while in a play place I saw her shove a little boy.  The second time a dad that witnessed it told me that the little boy was being mean to her and yelling at her and that she had had enough.  I definitely don’t want her being physical or fighting, but I DO want her to stand up for herself.  Momma won’t always be there to protect her.

When I dropped Mia off at school today, I asked Ms. Dabney how she was in school.  She told me that she did not have any problems with her and that she actually shared more than most of the older 4 year olds in her class.  However, her teacher also said that “Mia doesn’t take anything, either.”  Meaning crap, basically!  She stands up for herself, and I can’t be upset about that.  Her teacher continued telling me about how sweet Mia is with a little Down Syndrome boy in her class.  She said Mia is very sweet and gentle with him and always plays with him.  ::Insert warming heart::  I envy the complete and utter innocence of young children.  They see no color, disability, beliefs or political party.  Oh to be able to live through the eyes of children.


Some recent sayings/convos with Mia:

In the car. Mia:  “Mom, Finley wants to feed.”  Momma:  “Mia, can you feed her for me?”  Mia: “NO!  I don’t have big boobies, I only have little boobies!”  :)
Riding in the car, passing Target.  Mia:  “Ma, I wanna go shopping.”  Momma:  “Where do you want to go?”  Mia:  “At the mall.  I not want to go to Target.”  Momma: “Mia, we aren't’ going shopping today.”  Mia: “Mom!  You have money in you purse!”
Again, in the car.  Mia:  “Momma look.”  Momma: ::turns rearview mirror down to see in the back seat::  Mia:  “Ma, don’t move that mirror, turn around in your seat and look.”  Bossy much??

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