Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jam packed Sunday

Although daddy worked all night Saturday night and didn’t get home until 4:30 in the am, he still got up and went to church with us at 1030!  He was so exhausted I know, but I am glad that we got to spend the full ONE day of his weekend together.

We went to church, then to our ABF class.  After ABF we went over to Aunt Terri’s house to visit with them and Nana and Papaw and have some yummy spaghetti lunch!  Nana had bought Mia a little ring and she LOVED it.  She kept looking at her hand and saying “Like yours momma!  I’m a princess like you and married!”  Lord help me now! 

She fell asleep during the visit, and I am sure glad she did!  Little miss thang was getting cranky!
Snuggled up by mommy!

She is just so sweet when she sleeps ;)

Once she woke up from her almost 2 hour nap, we headed to our ABF friends house.  A sweet couple from our ABF class initiated a family ministry bible fellowship type thing that meets every Sunday evening. We start out with FOOD! and fellowship and then bible study.  It is super low key, especially since all of our children are there!  It is a great way to invest in each others lives, hold each other accountable and to just love on each other and DO life with each other.  We are each on different, yet challenging roads, so it is nice to have Godly friends to talk with and give and get Godly advice!  We are so grateful for these people!!

All of the sweet babies…
One sweet little man not pictured.  From left: McKemie, Finley, Mia, Penny, Adele and Gracie!

Adele and Mia watching Beauty and the Beast.  Overheard their convo: Both talking to each other about princess Belle and they were going to dance and kiss and get married :)

Mia is SUPER into princesses and getting married right now!  She looks through our wedding pictures and says “Momma, you’re a princess and you married daddy and kissed daddy and danced with daddy!”

After that full day, we all came home and snuggled in bed with a movie.  Or a partial movie.  I’m pretty sure we were all asleep by 930!

Such a super fun, jam packed Sunday!

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