Monday, April 8, 2013

My FOUR year old!

Today, my first born princess turned FOUR!  I know I say this with every post, but it is seriously SO bittersweet!  Love watching her grow and her little personality develop, but hate how fast the years are going by.  I want to keep her my little bitty baby for ever!!

She started her day at school, where she got a little gift, a birthday sticker to wear all day and a birthday award type thing.  We then took her to lunch and play at CFA, where we got her a brownie for dessert!!  After lunch we headed to the mall to the visit the Disney Store and Club Tabby.

She got a Merida (Brave) doll from the Disney store and a Makeover from Club Tabby!!

Nail time!!  Pink with glitter, of course!!

Getting her hair done!  She insisted on Princess and Pink everything!!!

A Cinderella bun…

Pink and purple color, with glitter!

Makeup time…

How did she just turn 13 in 10 minutes??

Mia, you spunky, perfectly well rounded little girl, we love you so much it hurts.  You are the light of our lives and we are so blessed to have you! You have the funniest personality and makes us laugh daily.  I love watching you grow and develop into the beautiful little girl you have become.
You are my world, baby doll!
Clothes: You wear a size 4t or 5t in shirts and 4t in pants.  You could really do a 5t in length because the 4t are getting a little short, but your waist is so thin, we have to stick with the 4t!!
Sleep:  You go to bed by 9-10 and sleep until about 7-8 am.
Eating:  Girl, you LOVE some food!  You eat salad, steak, chicken, rice, all fruit, mushrooms, salmon (if we say it's chicken! HAHA!) and much more!  You could absolutely live on Kids Clif Bars, chicken and fruit.  Your favorite drink is water.  You would prefer that over any juice.  Also, you have still never had a "coke." I think about 6 months ago I gave you a sip of mine because you were thirsty and it's all I had and you HATED it.  I think the burn of the carbonation is what did it.  I call that a "Mom WIN!"  :)
Likes: Doc McStuffins, all princess shows, playing with princess Barbie's, chasing Sam, anything OUTDOORS, play dates with her fave friends, baths, "wrastling" with anyone (but especially Daddy and Meme!), holding baby sister, going to school and church, blankie, changing clothes all.the.time., eating everything in sight (not picky at all!), going shopping.
Dislikes:  Being told what to do or HELPED with anything (SO very independent), broccoli, picking up toys, being held and snuggled (for long periods, intermittently is ok!), riding in the stroller.
33.6lbs ~ 50%
38.5 inches ~ 25%

Happy happy FOURTH birthday!

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