Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday fun day

We started our day off at church.  I had a meeting for the youth leaders before service, so we had to be there a little early.  After service and ABF, we headed to the grocery.  Our food supply was LOW!  We were supposed to go yesterday, but because we had so much fun we just pushed it off until today.  It was funny though because last night Dave asked what we had to eat and I said “grapes, wheat thins and cheese.”  He said, “Oh, because when I’m watching a movie, I always crave grapes.”  HAHA.  Smarty pants!

After the grocery store, we went to Meme and Poppy’s house for dinner.  Poppy fixed steaks, pork chops, cabbage, green beans, potatoes and garlic bread.  It was delicious!
My girl eating steak, pork chop, potato and green beans!

When Meme got home from work, we all sat around the little Dave-made fire pit and roasted marshmallows and had smores!  Ah, summer nights!

Even Sammy got to have a play date with Mash!

Fun for the whole family!

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