Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A case of the sickies

Sunday night was crazy!  Once we all fell asleep, we slept great until about 430am.  That is when Finley decided to wake up and CRY FOR TWO STRAIGHT HOURS. I took her to lay down with me in Mia’s bed so that we wouldn’t wake daddy or Mia.  She was pretty much inconsolable.  I changed her, tried to feed her, hold her, rock her, etc.  Nothing made her happy.  She was spitting up quite a bit, so I figured maybe it was something I had eaten maybe upset her tummy.  But I was exhausted!  She finally fell asleep around 630, thank goodness!

Since I was up through the night, daddy took Mia to school so that we could keep sleeping.  When he got back, he even took Finley with him so that I could get another 1.5 hours of solid sleep!  Thank you daddy!!
Once I got up, Finley needed to eat and then she was in such a great mood, we played some and did lots of tummy time!  This was the first time she actually didn’t cry through it and was actually smiling!! 

How big is my baby??


Oh my word I could squish her!!


When Mia got home from school, she said 3 things that put up my red flags.  She didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to play outside and was cold.  This girl always wants to eat and play outside and never wants to wear a jacket.  I could just see in her eyes that she wasn’t feeling the best.  I took her temperature and she was 101.4.  I knew it.

She curled up in a blanket on the couch. Breaking her momma’s heart.  I know kids get sick, it’s a part of life, but man, it’s absolutely heart breaking and I would take it from them in a flat second if I could.  After a good dose of Motrin, she was outside playing.

We decided to go over to Meme and Poppy’s house to visit with them and Grand Poppy and Ann and have dinner.  Mia was doing so well until it was time for more medicine.  You can tell when it’s time for more because she starts getting lethargic and peaked in her eyes.

This girl was a happy camper though…

I gave her some more medicine and then after a couple of hours we headed home.  Once we got home I bathed her and she went to lay down in my bed and was requesting a “show.”  Within ten minutes, I go in to check on her and…

My poor sweet baby.

She ran a fever all night long and was miserable.  She was up until about 5am when daddy got home and then went back to sleep until noon. 
When she woke up she had a slight fever of 100.1.  I don’t like to jump the gun, but I would rather be safe than sorry, so we went to see Dr. Kim.


Long story short, it appears to just be a virus and my girl should be back to normal in a couple of days!!

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