Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Check-ups and dinner

We started our day off bright and early at my urologist appointment.  I had been having back pain and UTI symptoms for about three weeks.  After a CT scan and worry about having the “C” word, we found out this morning that I have kidney stones.  I’m not excited about that, but thankful it’s not something more serious!  After my appointment, Daddy, Meme, the girls and I headed to Panera Bread for breakfast!!

After breakfast, daddy had to go back home to go to sleep before work, and Meme and I took the girls to their check ups.  Mia was due for her 4 year old checkup (with FOUR shots) and Finley was due for her 3 month appointment.  Before we got there, Mia was all excited for the doctor to “look in her ears.”  I had not told her about the shots because I knew she would cry through the whole appointment, but I did hate shocking her with them.  There was no easy way to do that!

We had fun while waiting in the room though…
Getting her blood pressure checked!

Finger stick.  Apparently 4 shots isn’t enough for the 4 year olds.  They stick them too :(
Her CBC was perfect and her cholesterol screen was actual below the normal limits!  That’s all that healthy/organic diet she got started on when she was so little. Proud momma :)

She was mad after that!

Doing pat-a-cake with baby sister! They both think it’s hysterical!

Posing and laughing with Meme!

My 3 month old chunk a monk!

Our favorite Dr. Kim!!!

He said I have two HEALTHY girls!  And that’s music to my ears!
When Dr. Kim got done, Mia was ready to leave.  Unfortunately we still had shots to get :(  Mia kept saying “Lets go!  Why are we still here?” 
The nurse came in with an assistant, who held her legs down.  My mom held her arms and the other nurse administered the shots.  I stayed right by her head, trying to comfort her.  She was screaming and tears were flowing.  It broke my heart so much that tears started streaming down my face!!  Seriously, there is nothing worse than seeing your child hurt or upset.  After they were done, I immediately scooped her up and held her in my arms.  She deserved a special treat, and that is what she got!  She requested a chocolate donut, so we headed to the bakery!!

Once we all got home and settled, we ALL slept for about 2 hours!!!  SCORE!!  After those long naps, Mia and I were hungry, so we met one of my longest, best friends Amanda at one of our local favorite restaurants.   Although the girls weren’t exactly ahem, cooperative, ahem we still enjoy spending time with Amanda!  We just say we are giving her practice for when her little man Avery comes in June ;)

Mia stats:
33.6 lbs. ~ 50%
38.5 inches ~ 25%

Finley stats:
12 lbs. 3ounces ~ 50%
22.25 inches ~ 25%
Head: 15.75 in ~ 50%

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