Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cracker Barrel, class and recoup

Tuesday night Mia was feeling a bit better, and after the doctor appointment she wanted some chocolate donuts as a treat.  So off to Kroger we went.
My little shopper, who dressed herself and had her own size basket to put the groceries in.  She was in heaven!

Wednesday morning, Finley and I got up bright and early and went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel with the sophomore High school girls and the other leaders before the girls had to go to school.  They are such sweet girls and it was fun to have some time with them outside of the church setting. 

Finley and I came back, relaxed and watched a movie for a while before I had to get ready to go to work for a required class.  It was no fun to leave my girls for 4 hours for a class, but it was easy money :)
I came home and we hung out at the house with Meme, Poppy and Ben and ate Dominos sandwiches for dinner!  YUM!
Unfortunately, we didn’t go to church tonight because Mia was still not 100% and I didn’t want to expose any other kiddos to whatever virus she had.

Hoping she is back to normal tomorrow!

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