Monday, June 30, 2014

PET Scan results!

PRAISE GOD FOR GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Oh my word, I was a nervous, hot, nauseous mess this morning, in anticipation of scan results.  Why is it that those minutes go by like c e n t u r i e s?

The nurse practitioner came in and asked if I had seen the results yet (because I have access to his records), but I don’t look that crap up.  It scares me!  So she proceeded to say that it was really good!!

Long story short, the original tumor showed “marked decrease in size” and no metastasis anywhere else, including the one lymph node that was originally involved!!!!  The original tumor was 4X4X11 (cm) with a SUV (how “active” or “aggressive” it is.  The higher the number, the more active.) of 22.  The new size is 3X3X4 with a SUV of 4.5.  So not only did it kill a lot of it, it slowed that sucker down in activity!!!  It was so nice to know that we weren’t going through all of this for “nothing.” 



I told you this boy is superman!  His positive attitude and fighting spirit is not only helping him through, but is helping pull me through.  Love him with all my heart, PLUS more.


I have praised and thanked God all day today! I have been so angry at Him lately, and questioning His plan/will. He has been teaching me little lessons all along the way, but today?  HE HEARD AND ANSWERED MY PRAYERS!!!!

My only wish is that I could physically hug him tight and thank Him and weep happy/thankful tears at His feet.



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Connie Jackson said...

Thinking and praying for you guys. God is great.