Friday, June 13, 2014

Round 2, Day 5

This morning, I waited for the doctor to round before heading home.  Apparently, with the dosage of chemo Dave is getting, Dr. Williams said he would be surprised if he didn’t get sick.  He said “We are beating him up with chemo.”  So with that being said, the fact that he is just moderately nauseous, is amazing.  Thank you for your prayers, keep them coming!

I came home to relieve mom so that she could go to work.  The girls and I cleaned and we had to go run a few errands.  Mia thought we were literally going to run.  HAHA, nah girl, mama don’t run.  We did a couple of things and the final straw was taking Finley to the library.  HOLY.COW.  Never again.  The roles of my children are starting to reverse.
After the library fiasco, where Finley thought it was totally cool to SCREAM (isn’t that allowed in libraries?), I decided the rest of the errands would just be me and my big girl.  So pops watched Fin so Mia and I could have some mommy/daughter time.  And she was.a.gem. 

Waiting to get my eyebrows waxed, deciding which hair style she thought I should get…

On to our next stop!  FOOD!  But first, let us take a selfie…
I love this fun little lady!!

And when you are going through a tough trial, and have one-on-one time with mommy, you get to pick what you want to eat.  Even if you do pick “the Castle.”  Um, YUCK.  My heart is totally aching with the thought of the nastiness that is Whities, but it’s your pick.  Whatever, kid.

So I did what all cool moms do.  We parked in Wal-Marts parking lot, and had a car picnic.  It was all fun and games until she starts talking to her imaginary friend, Isaac.
Who invited him?  He came out of nowhere…


After errands, Mia and I came home and did some more laundry/hanging out until Finley and Meme got there.  I then left to go to the hospital, Meme took Finley to Nuna to spend the night and Mia with with Addy to spend the night!  Mom and I have to work tomorrow, so I am very thankful for the others who step up to help us out!

Today is Dave’s worse day so far.  He has been pretty nauseous (even threw up once) all day, with nothing really helping.  When I got there, we got him some more Zofran, got him up to shower and we took a walk outside.  Once all of that was done, he was wore out.  BUT!  He told me some Chinese food sounded good, so that is exactly what I ordered.  Although is literally pains me to see him/us eat that crap, at least he is EATING at this point.
My Friday night date night is better than yours ;)

Please keep the prayers coming.  Pray specifically for the tumor to respond well to the aggressive chemo.  Pray that with the next scan, the cancer in the lymph node will be GONE and the tumor will be significantly smaller.  I know that is a BIG prayer request, but we serve a BIG God, who can bless us with BIG things.  So I am going to choose to BE.STILL. and believe that He will answer.  Also, please pray for his nausea to lessen and for his appetite to come back.  I also ask that you pray for us when we leave to go home.  We will be dealing with the low WBC count (we are at 2 right now), expected to go to zero, and he is at serious risk for infection (although they are sending him home on low dose Levaquin to hopefully prevent infection until his WBC come back up.).  He will be going to the office on Monday to get his Neulasta shot, which takes about a week to bring his counts up.  Please pray for an easy transition and NO hospital admissions in between rounds this time!

Again, we can’t thank you enough.  We covet your prayers and love you all!!

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