Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blood work and a cookout

This morning Dave went to have his routine labs drawn, to make sure his counts were coming up, so that we would be good to go for the next round of chemo.  Well guess what??  Not only were they up, but they were in completely NORMAL range (for healthy people!)!!!  His WBC count was 5.8 and his platelets were 179!  Praise the Lord!  Although I am still having a hard time finding pure joy (James 1:2) in this situation, I do know that my faith is certainly being tested, and hope that in the end, my faith and endurance will be perfectly developed and complete.  Lord only knows, I am definitely a work in progress.  He has tried teach me a lesson on “control” multiple times, but nothing has shook me quite like this.  And like my earthly little people that I discipline, I hate to be disciplined.  IT HURTS.  It’s no fun.  But I am trying to remember that He loves me and is teaching me.  And like my wise momma always told me growing up, “I know you don’t understand now, but when you grow up and become a mom/adult, you will.”  I always hated those words.  But now that I DO  understand, I find myself saying my mom’s famous words! But dude, it stinks to be disciplined.

Later this afternoon, we had my parents over for dinner.  We had a very healthy and delicious meal!  Dave fixed a salad, stuffed chicken breasts (stuffed with sautéed mushrooms, onion, garlic and spinach.  All organic, of course.), sweet potatoes, a bean and cilantro side salad, and mixed fruit.  It feels so good to eat so good, and still taste so wonderful!  I am becoming a clean eating FREAK.  More about that on a different post!

Meme brought water balloons over for after dinner.  Of course Mia LOVED that!

Filling up the balloons.  Mia couldn’t fill more than one up at a time without having to throw one!  HA



This little lady loved to get squirted by the balloons!  I have two water loving kids!


I am so thankful for this wonderful day with my family.  All of us, together under one roof, enjoying time together.  Dave was feeling almost back to normal, we were all healthy and happy.
Today, was a success!

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