Sunday, June 22, 2014

A birthday party and a stroll down memory lane…

The girls and I went to sweet Gracie’s 2nd birthday party today!  Dave didn’t join us because I wasn’t sure about him being around a bunch of kids while his immunity was still down and while he was still recovering.  Mia just LOVED LOVED baby Lula!

I mean, can you even stand how perfectly adorable she is??

Mia wouldn’t leave her side!  HA!
Except for the one time when she went up to Lula’s mommy and asked her if we could take her home!!  HAHA! 

Once we got home, daddy was ready to get up and go eat!! Never thought something so small would make me so happy!  We had a gift card to Chili’s, which is in an area that we typically don’t go very often, so after dinner, we decided to ride down the road, windows down, hair (the girls, not his. HA) blowing, a go down memory lane!

Girlfriend adores her daddy.

That face. GAH, I could eat her.
Since we had a gift card, we enjoyed a delicious dessert…

We rode by Dave’s old house.  The one he lived in when we became boyfriend/girlfriend.  We have lots of memories there. Just driving by it stimulated lots of “oh, remember when..” conversations and laughs!
I realize we seem like total creepers taking a picture of someone’s house, but dude!  This house goes way back and has lots of memories for us. 
Next up?  Our first home.  The one we moved into and graduated college, started our jobs and got married. The house where our first miscarriage occurred and our journey with infertility started.  Although we only lived there for 9 months, this house holds a special place in my heart…
We were running out of daylight, but you still get the point.  More conversations of “remember when” and “look at our landscape” (since it is the same stuff we planted!), “our trees have gotten HUGE!”

I know we are only 30 years old, but we are also already 30 years old.  (I’m being so philosophical, haha!) We have made SO many memories together in our short 30 years, I can only imagine the ones we will create in our next thirty!

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Shelli said...

Hi Lauren,
I came across your blog via a mutual friends and I have been following for a few weeks. When I saw you post a picture of this house I knew I needed to introduce myself. We purchased your first home front ou in March 2008. It was a special place for us too! We sold the home in that fall of 2011. I have been praying for your family. You are such an inspiration and I admire your strength. I hope you don't think I'm a stalker (lol) but I just wanted to reach out and let you know I was praying for you and your family.