Sunday, June 8, 2014

A “one”derful birthday

Today we drove to Georgetown to celebrate a special little boy’s first birthday party!  Avery is such a special and loved little man.  We all had fun, but I think my girls had a blast :) 

On our way, family silliness.  Per the norm…

And without his beard, I’ve been told I’m robbing the cradle. Ha.Ha.Ha.  ::sarcastic font::
Although I miss the beard, I still love that sweet, young face :)

How sweet is this little guy??

Cake time!

It was so nice to have a “normal” ish type of day and to celebrate with friends that are like family!!  Funny thing is, Amanda and I (and Dave and Jarrett) have been planning these days (the days of wedded bliss and motherhood) since we were sophomores in high school!  We drug the boys out to multiple bridal shows long before we were even engaged!  We have been through so much together and I must say, I love calling them family.  We love you guys!  So happy we could be a part of such a big day for you!

Isn’t he so nice to share with mama and daddy??

Flashback to his actual birth day!
How much can change in a years time…

Most of my heart…

Trying to get a picture of the two of them together is not an easy task.  Most of them end up like this…

Or this…

We got to go swimming at Avery’s party!

Both girls LOVED the water!!

On our way home, both ladies were OUT!!!  HAHA and then we stopped for some dinner..
We ate Moe’s and they probably thought we were crazy asking about their gluten free options and telling them no dairy or meat.  They said “You vegan?”  Well, I’ve not thought of it that way, but I guess we are kind of trying to be?  But we can have like 4 oz. of meat per day (we aren’t as strict with the kids) and of that meat, it would be of the chicken or fish variety.  No red meat or pork.  I’ve actually downloaded an app that tells you were all of the vegetarian/organic/vegan restaurants are.  Funny thing is, they are mostly all in the highlands!  HA!  Told you I should move there!

We had a great Sunday!

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