Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Conference, lunch, smoothies, Target!

We had a busy day today!  Mia and I got up this morning to go to her final preschool conference.  How is it possible that my baby is graduating preschool and going to Kindergarten??  Her conference went perfectly and she got a great report!  I am so proud of my big girl.
After the conference, Ben and I went to lunch together at Sake Blue!  It was nice to have some one on one time with him, because ever since all of this has started, I’ve not got to spend much quality time with him.  And I love my little brother so much, we needed to catch up and straighten some things out.  Plus, we got to eat sushi!  WIN WIN
Once I got home, Dave, the girls and I headed out to run some errands.  We decided that Dave needed to start drinking protein shakes, especially if he isn’t going to eat hardly anything.  So we got some protein and then headed to Smoothie King for a treat!  The girls had a strawberry banana protein smoothie with Clif bars, Dave had a strawberry banana smoothie and I had a mango smoothie!  It was delicious and it made my heart smile because I knew my family was getting lots of great nutrients, PLUS they LOVED it ;)


Then we headed to Target!  Doesn’t every good day include a trip to Target??  :)

After Target, Dave had a craving for some Chinese food.  Although, YUCK, I went with it.  Whatever it takes to get him to eat!  This was his fortune…

Lets hope so.

Today has been Dave’s best day since chemo started.  His strength is better, he has more energy and his appetite is slowly coming back up.  Thank God for small victories.  Please pray for continued healing, increased appetite, minimal side effects, and of course, for the chemo to destroy the tumor! 
We love you all!

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