Saturday, June 21, 2014

His worst day so far, this round.

The nurses have always said that Day(s) 7-10, after chemo is done (so, basically the week after chemo), are the worst days, as far as feeling bad.  Well, with the first round, he was septic during those days (because those are also the days that his system bottoms out) so we didn’t really get a feel of what they meant.  Well this time around, they gave him prophylactic Levaquin.  On Friday, we were trying to pack and move stuff around, but he was so fatigued that he couldn’t do much (although we wouldn’t let him anyway!)  As the day progressed, he started feeling more tired and achy and even had a low grade fever.  Remember what the last low grade fever meant? So with much persistence, we headed toward the emergency room.  He didn’t feel the same as the last time and didn’t think he needed to go.  But I am totally gun shy after last time, so I basically begged him to go.  On the way there, I decided to give the on-call doctor a heads up.  The doctor told us that he felt that what he was feeling was a normal side effect from the Neulasta vaccine.  So, against my judgment (which is completely clouded by fear and his history), we reluctantly headed back home.  I was up every hour, checking his temperature. 


Around 2 am, he felt hot to me, so I got his temperature and it was 100.something.  It was enough for me to wake him and make him go to the ER.  I emotionally couldn’t take it anymore.  Long story short, they did a bunch of blood work, blood cultures and a chest x-ray.  Other than his WBC being ZERO, everything was normal (as normal as can be for a man on chemo), including the chest x-ray.  They told him that they would call him if anything grew in the cultures.  And since he is already on an antibiotic, they sent him home.  Although somewhat relieved, I still hate that he felt terrible.


We had already planned to have a yard sale today, so my dad, the girls and I, proceeded, while Dave slept.  Fast forward until Saturday evening.  The girls and I went to Kyle and Tina’s to hang out to let Dave continue to rest.  He slept about 20 out of the 24 hours in the day. He.was.miserable.  I wanted to take the girls out for some fun, and to let him rest, but man!  It’s just so lonely to go out and do things without my other half.  I hate seeing him feel so bad.  So achy and hurting.  So fatigued and nauseous.
Day 8? You win. 

These two though.  Love them so hard.


What an exhausting day. 

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