Monday, June 30, 2014

Chemo week. Round 3, Day 1

Seriously?  Already our third round?  This is the only time I am *kind of* happy about our lives flying by.  Although I don’t want my girls to grow up so quick, I just want to be done with this chapter.  I don’t want us to spend so much of our lives at the hospital, separated and waiting to exhale.
But, today, we were able to exhale (just enough to make us a little bit more comfortable) more than we have at all in the past two months.  So what did we do to celebrate our good news?  Well we had a nice dinner date in the hospital room, of course!  Thanks to some really amazing friends for the gift card ;)


The chemo didn’t get started until about 630pm, so Dave is still feeling quite normal.  His blood count before we came in today was all normal, except for his Hgb, which was up from the blood transfusion, but still lower than a normal male, 10.3.
We are just hanging out, getting this party started.
Chemo. Bring it on.

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