Sunday, July 6, 2014

Discharge day!

Dave was scheduled to come home today, but not until tonight because of the Mesna (bladder protectant) having to run over 24 hours and they didn’t get started until late last night.  So, daddy told us to just stay home and enjoy the day until the evening.  He just planned on sleeping anyway, because they gave him phenergan last night.  FYI: phenergan knocks.his.butt.OUT.

The girls and I went to hang out with their favorite boys and Nuna!!  Kyle, Ben and Mama Nancy joined in on the fun as well!!

I know I say it all the time, but seriously, this kid.  I could squish him so hard!!!

And my teeny tiny priss!

The two P.I.C.’s

These two are the sweetest (and mischievous) together :)

Sweet brothers!  LOVE…


The girls ended up staying the night with the boys and me and Ben went up to the hospital to pick up Dave.  By 10, we busted out of that joint!!!!
So happy to have finished another round and have my husband back under the same roof as me and the girls.  Praying that the chemo continues shrinking that tumor and that he recovers quickly.  Thanking God for every single day.

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Connie Jackson said...

Thanks for the updates. Wishing you guys a great couple of weeks.