Saturday, July 26, 2014

Round 4, Day 5 and 6

Day 5.  The girls and I hung around the house and pool today for a while.  It’s so hard to spend a lot of time at the hospital with both kids, and it’s totally not their fault.  It’s hard being little and not being about to do anything or touch anything and to be super quiet.  So, after pool and nap, we headed for our usual trip to Target (have I told you lately how my kid is totally my BFF? My wingman?  Girlfriend LOVES to shop!) and then went to visit daddy for a bit.  Meme came to the hospital to visit and then took the girls home to spend the night with her.  I spent the night with Dave, to spend time with him, and also because I had to work the next day.  He is still pretty miserable, but he was able to eat some Chinese food.  Not my preference for him, but it’s CALORIES!

Day 6.  Chemo is DONE.  Now just 24 hours of Mesna and he will be home.  I worked 12 hours today, which is a lot easier when I can stop in and see him all throughout the day!  He still feels like crap though :(  His HGB is down to 8.3 and WBC 2.4.  Yep, every cycle of chemo he starts out lower and lower and his counts get lower and lower before we even leave.  So thankful this is his last one for a bit and he can have a break!  HATE seeing him like this.  He absolutely breaks my in two.  All I can do is be there with him, and that sucks, because all I want to do is fix him!  He has always been so strong and has made himself go to work when he was legitimately SICK, but chemo?  Sucks the life right out of him.  Literally.  I wish I could take it for him.

Please be praying for great scan results, as he will have a PET scan sometime within the next week or two.  Pray that there was significant reduction in size of the tumor, or even better, pray for NED (No Evidence of Disease)!  Pray boldly friends.  I know He is more than capable.
Also, please pray for Mia as she has her surgery Monday.  Pray for a successful surgery, minimal pain and a benign pathology for my girl.
Please pray for me, as I am struggling emotionally, with a few different things, obvious and not obvious.

Thank you again to all who are there for us, pray for us, text us, etc.  You know who you are.  We are thankful for you.

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