Saturday, July 19, 2014

Shopping and sushi

This morning started out with gymnastics.  Mia’s last one will be the end of July.  I feel like I need to break her from this for a little bit while she gets adjusted to Kindergarten, and then we can restart it later.  Plus, she has been getting put in combined classes with the younger age group because of lack of attendance from other students.  So therefore, she is doing a lot of stuff that is well below her skill set, and that just kind of rubs me the wrong way.  I know, SURPRISE. But seriously, I don’t want to pay this money for her to run under a parachute, yaknowwhatImean?

Little sis doing her thang while big sis does hers…

Then we went to walk around the mall with Aunt Terri, Jackson and Nana.  They should know better than to take me and my girls to the mall ;)

You guys, I know I say this all.the.time. but I seriously feel like when God made me, my title was “Girl Mom.”  My dreams came true by having not one, but TWO, little girls.  I’ve dreamt of doing their hair and painting their nails, and dresses and bows, etc. since I was a young girl.  And now that Mia is in this age of Claire’s is my favorite store, I am giddy inside.  She LOVES to go in and pick out earring and headband and necklaces and purses!  And I can’t lie, I love it just as much as she does.
You can’t really see it, but she picked out some new dangly earrings.  And BOOM, she’s a teenager.

And I could just eat this little sugar muffin with a spoon.  She oozes the charm.

Making wishes…

We stopped by Whole Foods to get some groceries and lunch after shopping.  While the girls napped, Daddy and I had a lunch date outside.  It’s the little things!
We take our alone time together whatever way we can!

My heart is so overjoyed and overfilled with love for these people.  Despite the situation, I am SO BLESSED.  My eyes well up with tears even thinking of the love I have for them.
Thank you, Lord.  I am underserving of these gifts.

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