Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quick Thursday update

After Dave’s transfusion on Tuesday, he had follow up blood work today.  The girls and I tagged along.


Unfortunately, after the 2 units he got on Tuesday, his HGB still went down to 7point something (transfusion level).  So, he got stuck in the clinic for another 5 hours, getting another 2 units of blood.  As much as I hate it for him, he NEEDS it and it makes him feel better.  I’m so serious when I say CHEMO.IS.POISON.  It has crashed his body and it is so sad to watch.
God please heal my husband!
Tina (Nuna) watched the girls for a few hours for me while I ran some errands and Dave was being transfused.  So thankful for her and her family for being so flexible and loving and selfless to our family and for keeping them whenever I need.

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