Monday, July 28, 2014

Surgery Monday, Mia edition

This morning was Mia’s scheduled surgery to remove and biopsy her lymph node.  Dave was feeling so terrible, that I told him to go to the doctor and get some fluids (and possibly blood) and I would take care of Mia.  Besides, my parents, brother, Nuna and Dave’s parents where there with us.  He hated not being there, but he was in no shape to do anything but get himself to the doctor.

Mia was so sweet and did so good this morning!  I told her what we were doing when we were on our way and she didn’t get upset or anything!

Her name on the surgery board when we walked in.

Those freckles, that hand placement, that FACE!  Ahhh I love my big girl!

Being so cooperative with the nurses; Playing stickers with Poppy while we wait.

Aaaand, the Versed has kicked in…


This girl was so crazy on Versed!  I can’t even post some of the pictures of her “flashing” everyone in the room!  HAHA  Again, I’m in trouble in the teenage years.

Waiting for her sister.

My poor girl after surgery.  The total procedure took about 45 minutes and then she “recovered” for an additional 45 minutes.  That was a LONG 90 minutes for the mama being away from her baby. 

Dr. Downard (the surgeon) said that the lymph node looked normal, but they cut it in half, and sent half to pathology (to check for cancer) and the other half to microbiology (for virus, infection, etc.).  She said Mia did well and should recover well at home.  We should find out the results this week or next.


I am so thankful for all of our family support and for everyone being there for us during this crazy time/year.

***In the meantime, Dave was at the cancer clinic, receiving fluids (because he was dehydrated, duh) and then they told him he had to come in tomorrow to get a blood transfusion!  Poor guy!***

Once we all got home, we took naps (EXCEPT for Mia!  That girl was feeling fine and up eating!) and then we all went to Toys R Us, because we promised her a special treat for her surgery.  Girlfriend, of course, wanted a new bike.  Go big or go home, right?!

And then we found this super cool thing-y…
It helps little kiddos start out with balance and all that jazz.  Finley LOVED it!  Why yes, I am that parent that let my kid walk around bare footed on the store floor.  Sue me.

What a day!
Please pray for Mia, dear friends and family.  Pray for completely normal results and for her healing!

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