Thursday, July 17, 2014

Zoo day and Kindergarten Kickoff

This new mid second week after chemo is becoming my favorite time/week.  Dave starts feeling a lot more like himself (still not close to before-cancer normal, but, closer to it than chemo week and the following week) and starts getting out and acting more himself.  The hurt of seeing your strong, healthy, husband being being weakened and sick by this chemo/cancer business is unexplainable.  I wish I could take it from him.  I’m pretty sure my heart aches as bad as his body does.
Anywho, we took advantage of this day and went to the zoo with Nana and Papaw and Jackson!


Finley wasn’t quite acting like herself today because she wasn’t real happy about being in the water, and she typically is a water bug like Mia.

Daddy had to go with her and show her the fountains!


On our way home, we grabbed some Subway and on our way in the house, Finley got sick again.  No wonder she wasn’t acting like herself!  Poor baby went down for a nap and when I went outside to check on the others, I found this…
Passed out in the hammock!  The zoo and sun wore my babies out!

Once naptime was over, we had Mia’s Kindergarten Kickoff event!  They had several booths set up, including one for her school.  We got to meet all of the Kindergarten teachers, get a few books and goodies and have a good time together!

I swear, I can not even believe my teeny tiny little baby girl is going off to school.  My heart absolutely breaks!  Didn’t I just have her??  I love her so much it hurts.
As much as I can’t wait for this year to be over for Dave (and me), I want time to slowwwww down for my girls.  They are getting too big, too fast.

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