Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Round 3, Day 3. And some girl time.

Since the whole family is in shambles during hell week (aka chemo week), I try to do the best I possibly can to take care of and be with Dave, take care of and be with the girls, all while working and trying to maintain my sanity and emotional integrity.  Yall?  Its.HARD.  I mean, HARD.  I feel pulled in all different directions (not from anyone, but my own brain).  I feel guilt no matter where I am, or which family member I am with. 
So I try to make the time that I have with each of them about quality, instead of quantity.
Therefore, Mia and I (and Fin) went to get pedicures!

Little sister watching from the sidelines.  Not long, little one, not long, and you will be joining us!

Pretty toes…

My little BFF

I can’t lie, I would probably absolutely love having a son, but I LOVE having girls!!  I was born to be a girl mom!  (Maybe one day I’ll get to see what having a mama’s boy is all about, but for now, I’m enjoying these sassy girly girls!)

After our girls day, we went to visit daddy, who is surprisingly, still feeling decent!!

We had braced ourselves to prepare for a terrible day, since it was on this day the past two rounds that made him feel terrible, but so far this week, he is now only dealing with a little bit of nausea and a slightly decreased appetite!
Praise the Lord for each small victory!
Also, I just want to say THANK YOU again, to everyone, who is fighting this fight with us.  From babysitting and dog sitting to giving gift cards and money, it is all so appreciated.  I am absolutely humbled by the outpouring of love on to us.  We (YOU ALL) are praying and God is answering!!!
We are so blessed and thankful (which doesn’t even begin to describe our gratitude).  I wish we could somehow repay everyone for their generosity and love, but we can’t.  So please, PLEASE know, it does not go unnoticed.  We appreciate you and love you!!

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