Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let’s get some blood!

Dave is getting better and better at recognizing and reading his body signals as to what is wrong, and what is causing his certain symptoms.  Before, he would just have generalized symptoms that he would attribute to “chemo” or “being inside and not exercising” and now, he can pinpoint exactly what is causing the issue. For instance, he can now tell when his hemoglobin is low.  So today, he had his appointment for lab work and told me that he would drive himself because he knew he would be getting a blood transfusion.  And that is exactly what he did! His Hgb was 7.7; WBC 0.2; Plt 104.  Now, hopefully, he will be able to enjoy his entire week off!

While he was getting blood, the girls and I went with Aunt Terri and Jackson to SAM’s to get some bulk food, like Kids Clif bars and yogurt!  It’s a much better deal that way!

Would you believe these sweet babies had just had a crying symphony?  Finley started it because she wanted out of the cart, then Jackson chimed in!  We couldn’t do anything but laugh!! HA!



And more proof that my sweet, always happy/smiling baby, DEF has a “mean mug.” 


She get it from her Poppy! HAHA!  But seriously?  Look at that disgust on her face.  Lord help me.  The teenage years in the Huff house is gonna be ugly!!!


After SAM’s, we put groceries away, played, cleaned up, ate lunch and Mia helped Aunt Terri make a project!  After that, me and my 3 girls went to the park with Meme!



Sammy girl LOVES going for a ride :)



Finley was sliding all by herself (Meme at top, mama at bottom) and was smiling and laughing the whole time!


My big girl is always picking her mama some weeds flowers! 


And then she decided it would be a good idea to throw sand ALL.OVER.THE.DOG.


Mama and her baybay :)



After park time, we went to Meme and Pops to visit and take baths (including the dog, courtesy of my eldest.)  We then came home, had juice and daddy cooked up shrimp linguine.  YUM!  I SO MUCH enjoy him being home at night so that we can have family time, I just SO WISH it was under different circumstances.  HOWEVER, this is our new normal and I HAVE to find the positive in it. HAVE TO. 




I think I have been through every stage of “grief”, as I am now, finally, starting into the “acceptance” stage.  Trust me!!!  I still melt down.  I still am depressed.  I still can NOT believe that this is our life.  I am still (sometimes) angry.  I still get bitter from time to time.  But?  It’s getting less and less of the bad and ugly cries.  We (or, I, because Dave is always positive and always has been, even from the beginning) are starting to shift our thinking.  This situation is teaching us to LIVE.  NOT simply exist, but live. 

You know what?  Dave and I are really wanting to go on a vacation (and rightfully so, in my opinion) and take our girls to the beach.  When I looked at him today and said “Why don’t we just pack up and go?”  He said “Let’s do it.”  And then he said “I would really like to go while I still have two arms.”


That’s it!  WE.ARE.GOING. Damnit.  My husband, and our family, has been through the ringer the past couple of months, and if my husband says he wants to go before his surgery, I (we) will find a way to make it happen.  I’m not saying this because I feel like he is going to die, but seriously?  Not ONE of us is promised another day.  What if this is our last family vacation?  What if…  Yes, there are a lot of what ifs, and you can’t live your life flying by the seat of your pants (for the most part), but cancer has taught us to cherish and enjoy our short time here on this earth, and that is exactly what we plan to do.

So, we are beach bound. I don’t know when, or where, but  We don’t need anywhere fancy, just a place with a bed (and NO bed bugs! HA), so that we can enjoy family time, at the beach!  And it has to happen relatively soon because he only has one more round of chemo before surgery.  So we are going to go sometime between the next chemo and surgery. 

Please continue to pray for the chemo to work it’s (terrible) magic on the tumor and for no spread.  Again, we would love to ask that you pray BOLDLY to our Father, who is more than capable of healing him completely, that He removes ALL cancer from Dave’s body.  Please pray for our girls as they adjust to our new life, daddy in and out of the hospital, living with family, etc.  Please pray for Dave’s Aunt and Uncle, who have so graciously welcomed us into their home, to help us and love on us, for patience as they are dealing with two more babies in their home, along with our Sam.  It is a big decision to allow another family to move in with you, and they have done so very lovingly. We are grateful.

Thank you AGAIN, for everyone who has pulled together to help us in any way. My family continues to alter their schedules to keep our babies when we need it.  Knowing that they are loved and cared for through all of this, really makes it so much easier to be away from them.  Both Toyota and my coworkers (who I consider family and some of my best friends) have given generously to us.  One of our dear friends is hosting a “photography” benefit to raise money for us.  You all have no idea what all of this means to us.  We wish there was some way to repay all of you for your love and kindness.  We are eternally grateful.  I wish I could just squeeze all of your necks!!!


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Sarah McMurray said...

Hello!! Not that anyone ever wants to share a cancer journey, but reading your blog is so comforting to me to know other people get it. It is a crazy path, but your family and attitude is very inspiring! Your family is beautiful by the way. Sending big hugs and support to you! -Sarah