Monday, July 21, 2014

Round 4, Day 1

Just a quick update.  Dave was admitted this morning for Round 4.  His WBC was 6, HGB 9.3, Platelets 87.  Although those aren’t awesome numbers, they are good enough for them to start the next round. I hate it though, because each time we start a new round, his numbers are getting lower and lower.  It’s like his body doesn’t have enough time to recover before we shut it down again.  And that scares the crap out of me. I mean, what are his numbers going to be by the start of round 17?

Tina kept the girls this morning while we got admitted and later in the afternoon, Mom and I took the the girls, along with Brody, Jackson, Aunt Terri and Sam to a local park to walk and ride their bikes. As much as I hate leaving Dave, he told me he wanted me to be with the girls.  He said he hates this for them because they don’t understand.  He told me he was fine and would miss me, but to go have some fun and be with them.  Regardless of what he says, either way is hard for me.  I’ve said it multiple times before, if I’m with him, I miss them and vice versa.  There is no easy or perfect answer.  Some may say what they would do, but you never know until you are faced with this situation.  And I don’t wish it on anyone.
Will this ever get any easier?

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