Friday, May 17, 2013

Four month appointment

I started my day off with some quiet time with this girl, before work.

While they did this…

I didn’t want to leave!!
While I was a work, mom and dad sent me a picture of their morning view (the beach from their balcony, of course.), so I sent one back…
I’m sure they are jealous!

While I was at work, Mia’s Nana came to get her to spend some time with her.  They went to the Disney store, of course :)
After my four hard hours at work, ahem, Daddy met me with Finley for her four month check up!


Finley got four shots and absolutely broke her momma’s heart!  But she handled it like a champ!!

We then came home, Nana brought Mia back and we took naps! After nap time, I took Ben and Mia to Nuna’s house while Finley and I went to a church meeting.  After the meeting we met Kyle, Nuna and the boys at McAlister's for dinner!!  That’s always amusing with 3 kids and 2 babies!!  And the babies were excellent ;)  My big girl just likes to be the clown and make everyone laugh!!

I dropped Mia and Ben back off at home and then Finley and I headed to the airport to pick up Meme and Poppy!!!  It was nice to see them again!!

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