Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another day in the life

Mia felt much better today so we decided she could go back to school.  After I dropped her off at school, I came back home and watched Silver Linings Playbook while snuggling in bed with Finley.  I love having lazy days to just get up and take it slow!  We took our time and got ready for the day.
At noon it was time for Mia to get out of school, so daddy, Finley and I went to pick up our big girl and then headed to lunch!  We go to a local Mexican restaurant because Mia always requests “thips and saltha.” I’m assuming that lisp will go away eventually.  But for now, it’s super cute.  We all had chips and salsa and chicken fajitas!

We came home and Mia, Finley and I all took naps when daddy left for work.  Love me a good nap time ;) 
That is evidence of a good nap right there…

Sammy’s other kid.

We then all got up, had some dinner, played, picked up a little and then had bath time!
The only way I could get anything done.  And may no attention to the mess that is my hair and the face with not a stich of makeup on!

Both girls LOVE LOVE LOVE bath time!

The wild woman and the infamous tongue.  She has always loved that thing.  Even in utero.

A typical day in the life around here!

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Jillian said...

My hair is a hot mess most days and I don't ever make up so....ha:)