Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother’s Day weekend

We started out on Saturday morning going to our friend Adele’s 4th birthday party at the park!  It was pretty chilly but the kids weren't’ phased by it and still had so much fun!

After the party, we came back home and spent the day/evening with Meme and Poppy for our Mother’s Day, because they had a plane to catch to Florida in the morning.  LUCKY!  So we just hung out, ordered some BBQ and spent time together, just visiting.

On Sunday, we got ready, tried to get some pictures of me and the girls and some family pictures.  My husband is NOT a photographer.  Not even a little.  However, with a little editing, I did manage to salvage some of them and make them work!  HAHA

And the typical.  Mia and the face and Finley looking at her, highly unamused.


A sweet, candid moment between me and my first born!

Then I asked Ben to step in, and take some pictures of all of us!
My people!!

Another typical. Raw footage!


After that stressful for my type A personality fun little photo shoot, we headed to lunch with Dave’s parents and Aunt Terri and Uncle Charlie at our favorite steak place!

We came home and I got to take! a! NAP!  Yes, nowadays, that is exciting stuff for me!!  And it was between the two perfect little's who gave me a reason to celebrate this day!!


This day brought LOTS of emotion out of me. 
I was feeling SO thankful for my babies and extremely grateful for my momma (even though she did choose to go to Florida. Ahem.).  At the same time though, I was incredibly sad for my best friend since freshman year of high school, because she just lost her mom in November.  She is an only child and is also expecting their first baby boy, due in June.  My heart broke for her, multiple times through the day.  It always does, but this day in particular, I felt just a smidge of her pain.  It was suffocating.  When I had my girls, my need for my mom went up exponentially.  We got closer.  I can not even begin to imagine what she is going through.  I just wanted to hug her all day.  She has an amazing support system, but NO ONE can fill the place of your momma.  I just pray to Jesus to comfort her during these hard times.  I pray that he carries her through the grieving process and protects her heart as she brings a precious baby boy in this world.  Amanda, just know that I love you so much and will always be here for you, any where, any time.

Today was also my first Mother’s Day being a mommy of two.  I feel so humbled when I look at these precious girls that God has loaned to me.  To raise up in His image, to love Him.  He trusted ME with their little innocent lives.  What a privilege. I couldn’t be more thankful if I tried.  I love them more with every beat of my heart.

I would also like to add that today, makes FOURTEEN years that Dave and I have been together.  We have come a long way together, grown together and been through many ups and downs together.  And there is NO ONE else in this world I would rather go through life with.  I love you so much babe!

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