Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Conference and zoo

Today we started our day off with a conference with Mia’s teacher, to talk about progress and such.  Mia was in a 3-4 year old preschool class and there were only two 3 year olds.  Her and another little boy.  I was so proud when her teacher showed us her “progress report.”  Mia was in all “green” and was meeting all requirements and was exactly where she should be!  My little fighter has come such a long way!  We had the option of moving her to her “home school” next year, but we decided to keep her with the same teacher for next year as well.  Not only for stability for Mia, but because her teacher already knows her and her story and plus we really like her!  Mrs. Dabney has been good to Mia!

Next up, I loaded the girls up and we met up with Dana and Aubrey and their girls Addy and Gracie for lunch and the zoo!  It started out great, but y'all?  What I had envisioned about taking two kids to the zoo was not at all how it went!!  It was borderline comical.  Now, that is.  Then, it was not!

I decided to take a stroller for Mia (since we don’t have a double stroller) and take the Moby wrap for Finley.  By time I changed Finley’s diaper, lathered them both up with sunscreen, loaded the stroller up with the essentials of the diaper bag, Mia’s snacks, camera bag, etc., and wrapped Finley in the Moby, about 20 minutes had already passed!!  Keep in mind that is was a hot day, so Finley and I were both already sweating on each other!  And?  I had the stroller so weighted down, that every time Mia would get out to check out some animals, the stroller would fall backwards!! 

One of our favorite exhibits, the Polar bear!
Mia and Gracie

Mia and Addy

Mia and the polar bear!  How cool is that??

We had to stop in the scorching heat toward the end to let the kiddos play while I fed Finley.  I put Finley in the stroller so that she, and I, could cool off.  And of course, Mia threw a fit because she didn’t want to walk and wanted to be in the stroller!

Once we finally got to the car and unloaded everything, Mia decided she needed to pee, badly.  I was not going to load Finley back up and go back in the zoo, so we did what any civilized and normal people would do.  I pulled her pants down and she squatted, right there in the middle of the parking lot, to pee.  Yep, I am that mom!

To top it off, despite my best efforts, she managed to pee all over the back of her shorts and panties.  Therefore, she got to ride home completely naked!  HA!

Although we all had fun and all got great naps out of it, I was more stressed than relaxed, to say the least!  I forgot how easy it was with just one kid!!

Next time?  I will execute a better plan.  Somehow.

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