Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bernheim Forest

First of all, let me just say that Friday, May 24 FINLEY ROLLED OVER FOR THE FIRST TIME!!  She rolled from belly to back and now she has the hang of it!!  Time slow down, please! 
My cuddle bunny…

Funny how milestones creep up on you soo fast with the second child but couldn’t come soon enough with the first baby.
So Saturday, the weather was mid 70’s and sunny.  We decided to take Sam and the fam to Bernheim forest and walk some trails!  Good exercise and family bonding time as well!  Of course, Meme had to work (yet again, miss out on all the fun) so Dave, the girls, Poppy, Ben, Sam and Mash all headed out together.

Before we left.  I prepared for bugs/ticks by putting her in long pants, tall socks, tennis shoes and a hat with hair pulled up!  I’m not exactly what you would call, ahem, outdoorsy, ahem.

Making memories!  Mia walked with Poppy the whole time and momma carried Finley in the Moby.

So special.  Pretty sure she took my spot as the number one girl in his heart.  And I’m ok with that.  She steals all of my men’s hearts, and I can see how.  ;)

You’re definitely probably not allowed to do this, but he was engraving “DH loves LH.”  So romantic.  And cheesy.  I love it!

My perfectly well rounded little girl!

She actually fell asleep in the Moby while walking.  Such a sweet baby girl!

Poppy caught a frog and Mia wanted to hold it!  She did not get that from me  :)

On the way home.  “NO momma, I not sleepy and don’t WANNA take a nap!!”

Just a side note: We got EIGHT ticks off of Mia. EIGHT.  One on her arm, 4 in her head and 3 around her waist line.  Yet another reason why I’m not a outdoorsy/adventurous person.

We then all came home, took naps and once Meme got home, we all went to their house for pizza!
Such a great Saturday.  Nothing better than time with the family!

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