Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A last day, a birthday and a big day

Well it’s official, my big girl had her last day of 3 year old preschool. 
Can someone tell me how this happened?  I feel like I was just changing her diapers, and now her first year of preschool is over.  It is so bittersweet.  To see her grow and change and develop, but to also lose a little bit of her reliance on me to independence and reliance on herself.  Obviously, she is only 4, but to see her independence develop more and more makes me realize how we only have them in our arms to nurture and form for such a little time before they spread their wings and fly.  Better do it right!!

First day and last day.

Today is almost my dad’s 55th birthday!!  Although I don’t get to spend it with him, because he is in Florida, I know him and my mom are having a great time together and nurturing their marriage while alone on this trip.  And I’m ok with that.  All marriages need that!  Happy birthday to my first love and man in my life.  You will always hold a special place in my heart and my life.  You are a wonderful dad, but an amazing Poppy!!  LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

I decided that since today was Mia’s last day of school, I would let her do something fun.  Something of her choosing.  We decided to have her best friend Nadia (we missed Brinlee because she still has school) come over for a sleep over!!  We would first go get pedicures with Nadia and her mommy, per Mia’s request!



They were so awesome and so patient with us.  Everything they did to our feet, they did to the girls feet (well not quite everything and not as extensive, obvs.)
That tickles!!


After Nadia’s mommy left, Ben, Finley, the girls and I went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner!



We came home and the girls ran around and played outside…


Monkey bars!



After all of that playing and pampering, the girls got to play in the tub…

Time for popcorn and then a movie!!

I would say Mia’s first official friend sleep over was a success!!
I LOVE being a girl mom!!

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