Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A picnic and award

I started out my morning by waking up to this goober…
She is always in such a good mood! By the way, we are in Mia’s bed because she was in my bed.  Horizontally.  Forget that.  So Fin and I packed up and went to her bed!  HA!

Mia’s end-of-the-year picnic for school was today.  We played, had a cookout, made a craft and got a book!!  It was nice to get to finally see her play with all of her friends that she talks about and put a face with the names.


Mia and her teacher Mrs. Dabney tracing her hand…

This is what they made…

The items were, hands, a Hershey kiss, a bingo chip, and eraser and a Kleenex.  All in a brown bag with this note attached…

After the picnic, we came home and played outside on this beautiful day while daddy cut grass!
Love popsicles!

Blowing bubbles…

It’s official!  We have flip flops people!!


We squeezed in a small nap and then when daddy left for work, the girls and I headed to Meme and Poppy’s for dinner before church!!  If it wasn’t’ for them, I may not ever eat (except for fast food, that is)! HA!  I’m not very domesticated.  Never claimed to be.

Tonight was the last night for Awana, and since I was nominated “Mother-of-the-year” I forgot about it.  We still got our award though ;) 


And the gift her teachers gave to me…
First, it’s the famous “tongue-out” face.  Second, I love being a mom.  It’s definitely the best!

It was also the last night for our high schoolers, so they had a cookout, complete with bounce houses and corn hole!!

Mia thought she was big stuff hanging with the cool sophomore girls!

And of course Miss Finley got passed around and loved on!!

Veronica making Finley so happy and laughing!

Mia actually reached up and grabbed Brooke’s hand and immediately let go of mine.  She was like see ya mom, I’m with the girls.  I thought that happened when they were teens, not 4??!

Sweet Jamie cuddling my baby.  Her mom is a NICU nurse and that is what she wants to be!  I think she will make a great NICU nurse!  Such a sweet heart!

Little McKemie!!

I am certainly gonna miss these girls over the summer, but that is why we are planning some girls nights!!  Also, I’m calling them if I need a baby sitter ;)

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