Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday and Memorial Day

Sunday we woke up and headed to church.  After church we went to our local pizza place for lunch before I had to head into work. 


And then this happened. Completely unprompted…

She is such a daddy’s girl.  He is her number one and her prince charming.  He totally rocks her world, and vice versa.

And then my heart melted.

Memorial Day Dave and I went on a matinee movie date and then we had a little cookout with Meme, Poppy and Ben.  I then had to go to work from 7p-3a.
We are so incredibly thankful for all of our military men and women and all they do for this country.  They are so brave and selfless. Not only the men and women themselves, but their families.  They sacrifice so much for us and I am forever grateful for them.  I know I could never be separated from my husband, for months at a time, not knowing if he will come back, for the benefit of others and this country.  I am just that selfish.  So for all of those who serve, have served, will serve and their families, THANK YOU!  You are appreciated!

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