Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A fun little Tuesday

We started today nice and early, and went non stop all day, up until bed time.
I got Mia up for a bath before school at 730.  Got her ready and fed her, fed Finley and then took Mia to school.  I came home, got myself and Finley ready and by that time it was time for us to go pick up Mia.  We grabbed Mia and headed straight to the hair salon, where Mia and I had appointments to her our hair done!

Big girl before school…

I didn’t realize that by telling her we were going to get our hair “cut” was going to mortify her.  When she sat in Rhonda’s chair and she got out the scissors, Mia freaked.  Didn’t realize she would put 2 and 2 together.  Hair cut and scissors.  Sorry for scarring you Mia girl!

Oh my heart.  Waiting for our turn…



After a sucker bribery…

We had plans to meet at a park and have dinner with one of my nursing school friends this evening.  I have ben friends with Katie for about 7 years and we have kept in touch via text and Facebook and our first borns are 3 days apart and our youngest are 2 months apart, but we have yet to have our kids together.  So today was the day, and it was worth it!  Mia and Alex hit it off and had an absolute blast!


Beautiful weather!


Dirty booty… :)

This is how sister enjoyed the park…


Think she’s having fun??


After the park, we were all hungry, and since kids eat free at McAlister's, that is where we went :)

They had SO much fun together!!

Mia wouldn’t even sit on my side by me, she said “NO!  I wanna sit by him!”  Well ok then sister.  Just throw me to the wayside for the boy.  Teenage years??  Such is life.

Next up, the mall to buy the clothes that I had picked out yesterday, that were now on sale!!
Alex showing Mia his “boo boo.”



Such a fun day!  Can’t wait to do it again!

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