Sunday, May 19, 2013

A *mostly* restful weekend

Saturday I ended up working until 3 and then Dave had to go to work as soon as I got off.  :(  So I came home and the girls and I went to eat some Mexican food with my parents.  We then came back and relaxed.  Very low key Saturday.

Sunday after church, Dave and I were super tired, so we skipped ABF and ran to the grocery.  We had ZERO food!  We got done at the grocery, came home and put them away while Mia played outside with Sam in her little kiddie pool.  It’s so nice because it’s a little bitty pool, right on our deck (redneck? yes.) and our yard is fenced in.  Plus Sam stays right by Mia the whole time!  So we can actually go inside (keep our eye out through the glass back door) and get some stuff done!

Our happy girl!
She is seriously this happy, 95% of the time.

Our pretty, wet girl, courtesy of Mia splashes!

We then went to Meme and Poppy’s for some delicious dinner!  Mia helped me make banana pudding! 

She has never had whipped cream before and I had to make her try it.  After that?  You tell me how she felt about it…

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