Thursday, May 30, 2013

New suits, kiddie pool time and CFA

So the time is here.  Swimsuit time that is.  I absolutely LOVE girls bathing suits, not mine.  Because, yuck.  But for them?  I die.  I’ve been eyeing these completely-amazing-so-cute-I-start-getting-all-giddy swimsuits from Janie and Jack.  My mom knew how bad I wanted them, but couldn’t reason with myself to spend that money on them, so she bought one of them for Mia’s birthday and I bought the other.  And can I say, they were so worth it???
Look at the cute that is oozing…

No, I did not tell her to pose like this!  Oh em gee!!!

After I took a few deep breaths in my brown paper bag and caught my breath from hyperventilating, we went outside to play while waiting for our friends!

Cool baby chilling with her daddy :)

That POSE! 

Hulk smash the water!


This girl is such a water dog!  Puts her face in it, goes under, splashes.  NO FEAR!

Such a ham…





Then Mia’s friend Alex came over to play!  She gets along with him SO well and I think it’s because she met her match in the energy level department ;)  And because my child is so rough and boy-like when she wants to be.  She is so perfectly well rounded and I wouldn’t change her for the world!

Sweet Max!

Meme and Ben came over a little later and watched Finley so Mia and I could go to CFA with Katie and her kids!  We came back and hung out and Mia passed out pretty quickly!  The sun and water will drain it right out of you!!

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