Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday lunch and shopping

We had plans to have a picnic lunch at the park with my friend Mindy and her two girls after school, but the weather wasn’t cooperating, so we just had a little lunch at CFA.  I always love talking to Mindy, and Mia loves to play!

After lunch we spent some time with daddy before heading to the mall!  I realize that “running to the mall” is a common theme in these posts.  I seem to have a problem.  We swung by and picked up uncle B to go with us.  He is basically my stand-in husband through the week.  Such a huge help and fun to have around! 
I needed some more hand soap  and I absolutely love BB works antibacterial kind.  They had a 5 for $15 sale, so that is the reason I went to the mall.  I also bought Mia a special “lip glops” treat.  The girl LOVES some lip gloss!
She dressed herself, by the way.  And it wasn’t worth the argument.

We just kind of “browsed” by Gymboree and “scanned” through the clearance rack when a worker came by me and told me to not buy anything today, but to hold it until tomorrow because they were going to be having a huge sale.  Like an additional 40% off the previously marked down items.  I am all about a sale and shopping for the season/year ahead, so that is what I did.  Shopped and had her put everything behind the desk, until tomorrow!

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