Sunday, May 5, 2013

Date night, lunch with friends, dinner with family

Friday I worked 12, twelve, hours.  The longest shift I have worked since Finley has been born.  It went by fast, but man I missed my babies!  I do enjoy working though, because it gives me some much needed adult time, and time to miss my girls!  It’s good for all of us :)

Poppy and Ben actually watched the girls while Dave, Meme and I worked.  They did a fantastic job, although Poppy and B were exhausted, and the girls loved it.  This is what I came home to…
Spoiled much?!

Saturday I got up and took the girls with me to lunch and to Feeders Supply for some things for Sam.  It was great, but tiring at the same time.  Single mothers?  I applaud you.  It is the hardest job, ever.  With Dave working so much lately, I have felt like a single mother.  And it is challenging to say the least.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be home with my girls, but man! People don’t give single mothers or stay-at-home moms enough credit!

Lunch time sweeties…

I needed to go to the grocery as well, but I was not brave enough to do that on my own!  I brought them home to daddy and went to the grocery store, solo.  I slowly browsed each and every aisle.  Funny how the things you enjoy now differ so much from what you used to enjoy!  Ahh motherhood!
I came home from the grocery, took a nap and then daddy and I went on a much needed date night!  We haven’t had a date night since before Finley was born, so we were so thankful!!  Mia and Finley went to hang out with Nana and Papaw while mommy and daddy went to dinner and a movie.
Yes, that is my medium rare steak.  It was amazinggg!!!

Yes we fight, but that is my bestie and I am so thankful to have such a great husband.  He works so hard for us and I am so proud of him and appreciative of all he does for us!

Sunday we had lunch with some sweet friends and then some errands to complete, including a trip to Lowe’s to prettify my porch with hanging flower baskets!  Oh how I love the warmer weather and sunshine!! 
On our way home daddy and Mia got a special ice cream treat.  I took a few little licks, but have to stay away from it for the most part because it upsets Finley’s belly.  Great diet plan ;)


Sunday afternoon we headed to Meme and Poppy’s to hang out.

My heart is full.

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